Ciao! I'm Vanessa, the founder of Vavas. I am from the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, Ticino, just like the brand, and I'd like to share the story behind Vavas. Unfortunately, I've always had sensitive skin due to my nickel allergy. This challenge led me to struggle in finding beautiful and unique jewelry and accessories from a young age, eventually giving up on wearing them altogether (I know, it sounds dramatic, but I was truly disheartened). 

In my early twenties, there was a significant shift in my personal style. I realized the importance of jewelry as the finishing touch to my outfits, and I felt the need to incorporate it into my everyday life. So, I delved into extensive research, and here we are! I founded Vavas Studio with the primary goal of offering jewelry made from hypoallergenic materials such as Silver and Stainless steel. This ensures that our pieces are not only stunning and delicate but also safe and comfortable for all customers, especially those with sensitive skin- just like mine.


At Vavas Studio, we prioritize your comfort and style by using Silver and Stainless Steel as the core materials for all our jewelry.

Our earrings, in particular, are crafted with silver, a precious metal ideal for sensitive skin. Not only is silver hypoallergenic, but it's also lightweight compared to other common metals used in jewelry, ensuring a comfortable wear.


Our jewelry is simple to wear, making you look and feel great. It's modern and adaptable, suitable for various styles and occasions. Our pieces are delicately crafted to be smooth and lightweight.

Versatility is key to our design philosophy. We release new designs monthly, producing based on demand to keep things fresh with minimal waste.

Fair pricing

We think everyone should enjoy stylish jewelry.

Our goal is to offer high-quality jewelry at prices that won't break the bank. Our delicate pieces are made to last, ensuring you can look and feel fantastic without spending a fortune.

I LOVE preparing each order, making sure to pay close attention to all the little details, because doing what you love is truly the best feeling. And, of course, to see the unique jewelry combinations you create!

I believe that jewelry should reflect your unique style and beauty while ensuring comfort and safety. Our jewelry has been analyzed by the Swiss Precious Metals Control Office to ensure the quality we bring to you.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I hope you find the perfect piece that resonates with your style at Vavas.

With love,

Vanessa Ravasio, Founder of Vavas Studio.